Griffith Ford Seguin- 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

If you have been a fan of American Muscle cars all your life, it can be hard to come to grips with the future and electric vehicles. However, your transition might not need to be as difficult, thanks to the team at Ford and the 2021 Mustang Mach-E. This Pony offers all the performance of its gas-guzzling ancestors. But does it with zero emissions and substantially lower costs when it comes to care and feeding. To learn more about the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E features and benefits, stop into Griffith Ford Seguin to speak with our team of experts and place your order.  

Extreme Capability

The new Mach-E series offers an all-electric car for everyone thanks to the five models in the lineup, starting with the Select. This is the entry-level car that offers up to a 230-mile range and stickers for under $43,000. The Premium takes you up in features but with only a slight cost increase to a starting price of $47,000 and a range of 300 miles. The First Edition model is a limited edition offered in three colors, including exclusive Grabber Metallic Blue. This all-wheel-drive car sports 19-inch wheels and an EPA estimated 270-mile range. The price for this soon to be collector's car starts at just over $58,000.

The California Route 1 is the cruiser that follows the traditional name of the Mustang California Edition of the past. This model's extended range comes in at 300 miles for this rear-wheel-drive car that will go zero to 60 in 6.1 seconds and stickers for just under $50,000. And finally, the salute to all things Mustang, the GT is all about going fast! This all-wheel-drive masterpiece has a range of 250 miles and can be yours for just over $60,000. But the awe-inspiring number is that it will do zeros to 60 in about 3.5 seconds!

Rugged Style

The 2021 Mach-E follows the tradition of the sexy sleek lines of decades of Mustangs. Inside, the dash is as appealing as the exterior. The displays are straightforward and very modern, adding to the expansive feel of the car. 

Today's Tech

The Mach-E is the perfect example of what technology has to offer drivers of the future. Zero emissions is great for the planet and your wallet. But the difference is that the Mach-E has found a way to make it fun to drive an all-electric vehicle. And thanks to the Ford Co-Pilot 360 feature, you will always have a second set of eyes helping to keep you safe as you enjoy your 2021 Mach-E.

Lap Of Luxury

Eliminating the cost of gasoline and the harmful emissions should not be considered a luxury as much as a victory for you and the planet. However, your savings of up to $14,000 in five years in operating costs should be seen as a substantial luxury.

To answer all your questions about the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E and place your order, visit the pros at Griffith Ford Seguin.

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