2020 Ford F-150 vs. 2020 Toyota Tundra

Some names stand out when you think of powerful, practical pickup trucks. Two of the top contenders are the 2020 Ford F-150 and the 2020 Toyota Tundra. These two trucks work hard and smart, so you don't have to. Compare them side by side to find out which one best fits your style.


When you're looking at trucks, you want something functional. Both the Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra offer impressive function for everyday tasks. However, the F-150 is more practical when it comes to some aspects. For example, the Ford offers a lower base price when you just want a truck to get the job done. At just over $28,000, this model is affordable for the first-time truck buyer over the $33,000 price of the Tundra.


The two manufacturers know how to take care of their buyers by adding plenty of comfort features. Both models offer heated and ventilated front seats on upper trims with choices of upholstery ranging from vinyl to leather. Adjustable seats ensure the driver is in the optimal position for long drives. However, the Ford F-150 includes a few extras you can't get with the Tundra, such as heated rear seats and front seats that include massage. An available heated steering wheel for the F-150 keeps hands warm in chilly weather.

Performance and Functionality

One of the reasons people choose trucks is to haul more stuff. Both models come with three box options to ensure you can carry all the cargo you need. With the Ford F-150, access to the box is a little easier for loading and unloading because it's not as tall as with the Tundra. Ford also includes more options, such as LED lighting in the bed and adjustable tie-down points. Tailgate steps make it easier to climb in when you need to get in the box. While both trucks are capable, Ford offers a performance option with the Raptor. This model comes with an impressive V6 which offers 450 horsepower while the top trim of the Tundra gets 381 horsepower. On the other hand, on the low end of engines, Ford offers impressive fuel economy with up to 25 MPG for the 3.3L V6. Toyota gets 18 MPG at its best, which is well below the standard set by the F-150. Pulling a heavy load is easier with Ford with a maximum towing rating of 13,200 pounds over 10,220 pounds for the Tundra.


Both the Tundra and F-150 provide the infotainment modern drivers expect with modern multimedia systems that are easy to use. While the Toyota Tundra make the seven-inch screen standard with the eight-inch version an option, Ford chooses the eight-inch touchscreen as standard for the upper trim levels. You can also make the F-150 a Wi-Fi hotspot to stay connected on the go while Bluetooth capability lets you keep your focus on the road.

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