2020 Ford F-150 vs. 2020 Nissan Titan

You'll find several options when it comes to full-size pickup trucks. Some stand out from the rest and offer numerous amenities to increase versatility. Two of the trucks with solid reputations are the 2020Ford F-150 and the Nissan Titan. Both models are built to handle hard work, but there are a few differences you might want to be aware of if you want the best truck for your dollar.

More Choices in Power

One of the first things you'll notice is that the Ford F-150 offers more options when it comes to power features. For example, you can select between three engines, including two V6's and one V8, on the Ford base trim. By contrast, the Titan only has one option with the V8. Choices continue with the F-150 when you can select between the six-speed and ten-speed automatic transmissions as opposed to a seven-speed automatic for the Nissan. It's interesting to note that the Ford is also slightly more efficient with 26 MPG on the highway as compared to 21 MPG for the Titan.


As pickup trucks, both models are designed to work with you to get the job done. Some features of the Ford F-150 make it a practical choice, such as a smaller turning radius at 20.4' as compared to 24.0' for the Nissan. Practicality continues inside with 65 cubic feet of passenger volume in the F-150 over 62 cubic feet for the Nissan. The Ford also gives you more room to stretch out with 43.9 inches of legroom over 41.8 inches with the Nissan for the regular cab trims.


Feel confident driving either truck when you're on the road. Both models offer advanced safety systems for added peace of mind. However, the Ford F-150 provides in-vehicle assistance even on the base model, which isn't available on the base trim of the Nissan. See better at night with the headlight washer to keep headlights clean, which comes standard on the F-150. Daytime running lights are also standard on the Ford model along with parking assist, which aren't available with the Titan. When you get to the higher trim levels, more safety features are available and even some being standard on the Ford, such as adaptive cruise control.


When it comes to luxury and a little extra, you get more with the Ford F-150. For instance, on the base trim, heated side mirrors are available as an option, which you can't get with the lowest trim of the Nissan Titan. Also available on the F-150 is an engine block heater as well as a remote starting system to warm up the engine and cabin before you're ready to go. Move up to the top trims, and you'll see both models have a lot to offer. They feature power seats for the driver for premium comfort. However, Ford also provides an eight-way power driver seat with lumbar support for the front passenger while the Nissan limits it to a four-way power seat without lumbar support.

To find out how the 2020 Ford F-150 fits your lifestyle, you can stop by Griffith Ford Seguin. Visit the dealership to test drive this pickup and see what it has to offer for you.