2020 Ford-150 vs. Ram 1500

When it comes to strength, dependability and versatility, the 2020 Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 are two of the leaders in pickup trucks. Both models are sure to impress when it comes to towing capability and options, but there are key differences that will stand out.

Powerful Performance

Both the 2020 Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 offer exceptional power to get the job done. Even on the base trim, the two models each give you three engine options. The difference is slight but potentially important if you choose a lower engine. For example, the F-150 3.3L V6 engine offers 290 horsepower over the 1500 3.0L engine which provides 260 horsepower. Move up to the 2.7L V6 with the Ford to get 325 horsepower while the Ram comes in with 305 horsepower. As you move up to the higher trims, Ford gives you six engines to get the power you want while Ram sticks with three. More choices is also found in transmission with two for Ford while Ram just provides one.

Impressive Fuel Economy

Even though you may expect to burn extra fuel when you're working hard, you won't mind when you can be more economical. Slight differences in efficiency can make a difference when you use the truck for family trips or everyday commuting. The Ford F-150 provides up to 22 mg with the 3.6L V6 engine as compared to 20 mpg for the Ram 1500.

Modern Design

Many drivers want a truck that looks as tough as it performs, and both the Ford and Ram pickups have that aggressive image. However, Ford lets you keep it simple with a Regular Cab for the base model, which also is more inexpensive than other options. At the other end of the spectrum are the high-end trims with both heated and ventilated front seats for year-round comfort. Customize both models to suit your needs, but you'll get more options with Ford. Add bed steps, liners, and lockable storage bins for organization and to protect your truck from day to day inconveniences. Ford has so many choices, you can review 40 pages in the order guide.


Both Ford and Ram have achieved a solid reputation as leaders in the pickup category. They take home award after award as they outwork other models. At the same time, these two trucks provide a little extra for comfort at the end of the day. While you can't go wrong with either the F-150 or the 1500, only one truck is the best-selling vehicle in America, and that's the F-150. Not only does it outperform other trucks, it out-classes all vehicles on the continent. Premium safety and advanced technology make the truck a top choice for buyers.

To find out more about what the 2020 Ford F-150 has to offer any buyer, you can stop by Griffith Ford Seguin to see the truck in person. Take it out for a test drive and discover how it performs and what it can do to impress modern drivers.